Knitting Together Better Customer Conversations

Published: 25/11/21

Author: Nikki Myles

I’m a knitter. I’ve done it all my life. Recently one word has started cropping up again and again in my patterns – “EASE”.

We all appreciate a bit of ease. Positive easing in knitting actually means making things a little bigger, a little more roomy, and a little bit easier to move about in. In other words, a little bit more relaxed.

EASY phrases:

At ease with | free from worry or awkwardness; relaxed

Ease someone’s mind | alleviate someone’s anxiety

The best salespeople will always say they never sell. They arrive at the solution with the customer and successfully close the opportunity together. The conversation is smooth and seamless.

Selling has always felt like an awkward first dance to me. We dance around our handbags – trying to suss out the other person. We want to gauge what type of a person they are, and we wait to see what their next move will be.

We make polite conversation during sales conversations but what we really want to know is this: “Do you need anything of what I have to sell or are you just going to waste my time? Because time is money and I have a target to make!”

Taking it easy

In other words, sales conversations don’t feel easy. They don’t feel relaxed. We’ve become scared of real conversations that go where they want to go because we don’t know where that is and don’t have the time or skills to explore new paths. Instead, we listen out for familiar trigger words and, like a nightclub lothario, trot out the same tired old lines.

SalesEASE is about not trotting out the same old lines. It’s about learning how to have natural, relaxed conversations that, like my knitting efforts, have room to develop. SalesEASE gives every salesperson the information and skills they need to have conversations that resonate with buyers. When sales get to a state of EASE with customers, they make the most out of every customer interaction. That means bigger conversations, bigger solutions and bigger revenues.

And you may think that SalesEASE is not for you because your customers are more transactional. But I would argue that every chance you have to talk directly to your customer is an opportunity to have a good conversation, to get to know them better, and to form a better connection. When you do, you’ll find opportunities to sell more while deepening your customer relationship.

There’s so much to gain by getting conversations right, and by making them easy. A survey by HubSpot found that talking to a salesperson was still the number one way that buyers wanted to complete their purchase.

If you fancy knowing more and would like to talk about how SalesEASE could support the growth of your business, book a meeting today.

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