Is your content marketing giving you the whole picture?

Published: 22/05/24

Author: Nikki Myles

Have you ever tried completing a jigsaw puzzle without having a picture to work from? You don’t know what you’re aiming for, and it can take ages to get it right. Frustrating, eh? The same is true of content without context.

Great content is all very well, but it can be tough getting your message across if it’s not used in the right context. Context provides the bigger picture of how the content can be applied most effectively.

Throughout our many years of marketing, we’ve come up against this barrier to sales time and time again. No context to content. When our customers are targeting users in a specific industry, they need to know their needs and pain points. So, we’ve always provided an expert assessment of the context that complements the content we produce.

The Source of all information…

We’ve now gathered all that experience and knowledge together to develop a powerful new concept called The Source. This is designed to provide marketing and sales teams with all the industry-specific information they need so they can deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

Put simply, The Source will make life a whole lot easier for your teams. We smash through the complexity to provide you with the precise information and resources you’ll need to create messages that will really resonate with your audience. With content that has context, you can immediately start developing strategies and campaigns that will mark your company out as a cut above the rest.

No pain, no gain

So, what particular aspects of the context can we provide for marketing teams and agencies? Firstly, we explore and explain the key challenges or pain points they’re likely to encounter. Then we look at the most effective solutions and the benefits available.

For instance, a key pain point in marketing is budget constraints – and these really can be a pain. How can you help your teams to deliver marketing that brings results if money is tight? The solution is to give them access to reusable, up-to-date content that will hit the mark each time. Our cloud-based solution provides just that. It makes it easier for marketing teams to cut straight through the confusion and access the content and context that’s most relevant to their customers. That in turn makes it easier for them to develop successful campaigns and meet their objectives.

Another pressing issue is how can marketing professionals identify and engage with the most suitable audience for their products and services so they can hit their revenue targets? When they can have both the right content and context readily available, they can soon see how to develop the right strategies that will attract their customers.

The reality behind the figures

With up-to-date information, they‘ll also be able to adapt more rapidly to changing customer needs. That’s why when we report facts and statistics, we like to make sure that our clients know their real relevance. Other marketing companies might provide plenty of facts and content, but without tying these into what’s happening in the real world.

 For instance, it’s been widely reported that AI is likely to reduce the demand for human content writers. But what’s the reality behind this?

 McKinsey recently said that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions. Only human writers can provide the type of personalised, target-driven content – with context – that meets the needs of specific customers.

Another trend is highlighted in LinkedIn’s recent report. This says:

“Long-form content is making a comeback as readers appreciate detailed, informative content that demonstrates a brand’s expertise. It is a great way to nurture existing customers and foster trust with potential leads.” (LinkedIn, ‘Content Marketing in 2024: Trends You Need to Know’)

But it’s very difficult for marketers to keep in touch with such trends unless they have a comprehensive information resource like The Source. Otherwise, it’s a bit like trying to make headway when swimming in an overcoat through a sea of thick custard. Or that’s how it can seem.

The world of marketing is constantly changing, and marketing agencies and teams need to stay ahead of the curve. In its ‘2024 Guide: what makes for a successful B2B Marketing campaign’, Foleon says: ‘Great B2B marketing isn’t about having the most cutting-edge product or marketing campaigns. It’s about finding a unique angle that engages people and provides value at the same time. Ultimately, it’s about enabling your audience to reach higher goals.’

And that in turn is all about knowing your audience so you have the right context for your messages. That’s why the next aspect of our solution is to provide industry-specific context for marketers. They can then reach the right audience with the right messages.

Lettuces and jigsaws

So, if you really want to empower your marketing (instead of letting prospective clients feel they’ve been slapped with a limp lettuce), make sure that your content is always delivered with the right context in mind. Because in an increasingly competitive world, that type of information could make all the difference between failure and success.

The takeaway? Next time you’re developing a marketing strategy (or doing a jigsaw), always keep the bigger picture in mind. Great content plus expert context = marketing success (and faster completion of jigsaws!).

The Source is a subscription service that will give you access to valuable insights, trends, buyer personas and context-rich content, all tailored to your target industries. Find out more about this and other marketing solutions from SalesEASE.

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